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We specialise in manufacturing t-shirts and shirts for corporate wear. To cut down cost & thus pass on the cost-saving to you, we manufacture in Malaysia, transport the goods to Singapore then distribute them to you. Our personnel has 20yrs of knowledge in this field and are capable to provide you a solution, not just a mere t-shirt with a logo.

We CUSTOM-MADE them just for you, so you don’t look like another company’s staff wearing the same clothing, with just a different logo. You can even customised your cutting, special length, special size for the few odd sizes amongst your staff. You can even have your 2 sleeves in 2 different colours!

Thus we don’t have a catalogue. You can even show us a picture, or simply sketch a rough image, and we will help you translate this to a real tee.

We have our own in-house embroidery & printing services to brand your t-shirts and shirts. We maintain high quality in these services as YOUR LOGO is important to us too. Colour control is important in your corporate identity, thus is important to us too that you get the colour consistency.

And most of all, we adhere strictly to dateline. If we promise you a date for delivery, we will deliver. We know what is like when the promotional wear is not there at time of your corporate event.

Unlike in retail sectors, consumer only buy one or few pieces. In corporate buying, executives are faced with bulk buying decisions. To BALANCE between personal taste and corporation’s requirement, to juggle with assorted sizes of personnel, to portray the best image for the company without jeopardizing staff’s comfort level, etc, etc.

Every company is different, in usage, in industry, in composition of people and in corporate culture. We are here to help you. We understand corporation’s need and will help you with the balance.

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