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We stock an extensive range of material & colours. Find the right fabric and colours that you need. If you need help, you can read more in one of our blog post here.

However, if you can’t find the right colour that you need, we can custom-dye the fabric for you! We only need a mere 200pcs minimum quantity and we can dye the fabric to your sample or even to a Pantone code colour. Let us know.

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Cotton Swatch Pix

100% cotton – Single Jersey Knit (density 180gm/m2)


100% cotton – Piqué (density 210gm/m2)


100% cotton – Double Piqué (density 230gm/m2)


Micro Fibre Fabric Swatches

 The new technology of microfibre, made popular by Nike, brand name known as “Dri-Fit” is the new polyester. It has made traditional polyester that could not absorb moisture now absorb even more & faster than cotton. Thus the comfort of such fabric is the most welcomed feature. Microfibre has a soft & comfortable touch. A definition of micro fibre is that a polyester yarn that has more than one filament per denier.





100% microfibre – Piqué Coolplus (density 180gm/m2)


100% microfibre – MiniMesh Coolplus (density 180gm/m2)


100% microfibre – Jacquard Coolplus (density 210gm/m2)