Some of the executives in charge is new to this buying decision. Sometimes the company is new, and not yet has any corporate t-shirts to base decision on. So what do you need to ask yourself & your team before you can decided what t-shirt to make?

We put together some questions that could guide you through this think-tank session, hopefully it will help you make some guided decision for your next corporate tee.

• Is this a long-term t-shirt that you will use in any corporate event? Or this is just a one-time event that you will use this t-shirt?

If it’s one-time event, use the activities in your event to decide. A outdoor team building event? Perhaps a roundneck is suitable for our tropical weather. Even a singlet or sleeveless if the corporate guidelines allows. If it’s in every kind of event from seminar to roadshow to outdoor, something you will use every time there is an event, then perhaps a collared polo is more appropriate in the event of say seminar.

• Is this a uniform?

Then you need to know who are using them as uniform. Warehouse people may not need polo tee as they are not front line staff and may have more comfort in roundneck if the environment is not air-conditioned. Or in say a car mechanic workshop where a roundneck is acceptable to your clients.
Again in a warehouse or production crew situation, do they carry a lot of goods around? Then microfibre may not be a good choice as they get prick easily. Thus cotton may be more suitable.

Well, this polo will be for the executives or front line sales team to wear when they meet with customers. Then definitely a polo is somewhat today’s standard business etiquette. And microfibre is definitely a consideration as you want them to be in fresh coloured looking t-shirts all the time. If you decided to use cotton, do plan for frequent changes of new polo for them, as they are using this polo everyday, thus washing them everyday. On average, if each staff is given 3 polos and they are required to wear it everyday, you should give them new ones every 6 months. Otherwise, cotton polo will look faded & worn down, thus not giving your clients a very good impression of your sales people and your company.

• Does your corporate identity demands fabric to be dyed to a certain Pantone colour?

Some company has very strict corporate identity rules as to what colour they can wear to represent the company. Good news is we can custom dye the fabric for you, with only a small minimum of 200 pieces order. However, you must plan ahead as the dye factory is out-sourced and there is a queue system. Plan for 7 to 8 weeks production time if you need to dye the fabric.

• Is there a very large artwork or product image that you need to put on the t-shirt?

In some cases, you need to place such on a t-shirt. Remember, if a huge artwork is to be on the front of a polo t-shirt, this artwork will end up on the stomach area! As polo t-shirt has buttons or zip at the top, thus the space left is below them. Otherwise, you will have to be on the back of the polo. However, this can be place in the front if it’s a roundneck or v-neck tees.

• Is this t-shirt a give-away at some events?

Most people wouldn’t mind getting a free t-shirts and in sheer marketing value, it’s an ideal way to let your customers do the advertising for you. Your brand image will be in full view every time it’s worn – its as simple as that.
Roundneck is one of our local’s favourite, they are worn at home, in shopping hours, gathering with friends, you know the list goes on.

• Is there such thing as free-size t-shirt?

This often pops up especially when it’s a give-away t-shirts. There is simply no such thing as free-size. All t-shirt has a size, just caused you only have 1 single size does not imply that it’s free-sized. It’s just a term commonly used but really it doesn’t mean much as you still need to decide which size you will use for this single size tee. That depends on your target audience, whom you will be giving away these tees to. Talk to our sales team, we will be able to give you some suggestions once we get more details of your event.