You are handed with few catalogues to choose your next corporate t-shirts. Simply choose the available design, colour (if any) and place your logo onto it, and in less than 2 weeks’ time, your polo will arrive at your doorstep!

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Ahh wait…they didn’t have enough of the M size that you needed. So some of your staff will have to change the size to L. And the girls in your office complains that all the polos are in man’s cutting and it’s too huge for her even if she choose the smallest size available. The guy in your warehouse is a well-above average size guy, and he tells you that none of the polo size will fit him at all, so he can’t wear the corporate polo, not that it’s his fault.



Let’s say you don’t have any of the above problems, and everyone in your office fits into the sizes available in the ready stock catalogues. Your office goes for an outdoor event, say company’s team building event, and another company is there too. And you realised that you can’t seem to differentiate your staff with the other company’s staff, because they are also wearing the exact same polo t-shirt! Only the logo on the chest is different, but that was not so easy to tell apart.

So while ready stock is fast, you get to see the actual product before any commitment, but it’s common to face these issues. So with a little more time in your planning, we can provide you a customised solution that can eliminate all these problems.

We cut the t-shirts according to the sizes you need, we offer men & ladies cutting, in any number of sizes without any extra charges to you*. You can have unique colours combination and design so that you will not look like another company’s t-shirt.

And we are not taking that long in production too. Upon confirming the design with our sales team, after taking short brief from you, we can mock up an actual sample to you within 1 week. And with your immediate decision to approve the sample, we will be able to complete production of below 1,000 pieces within 2 weeks. Total of 3 weeks is all you need to get a t-shirts that is tailored just for your company!

Or you can go to our eshop here, where we offer a semi-customised products. With the various number of combination colours, chances that you will choose exactly the same combination is lowered. But the turn around time is faster, only need 2 weeks.

* only very huge sizes has additional charges for the extra fabric needed. Applicable to size 48” & above