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We cut and sew your t-shirt and add on your corporate logo so that you can build your company identity.


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Want your very own private label for your brand?

Yes, we can help you make that label and sew it on the garments for you too. You just have to pay for your label, and the sewing is already included in the price. Talk to us if you need help on this



Actinium Printing

Silkscreen printing is ideal for large logos and designs, the perfect solution to printed T- shirts and commonly used as a promotional tool. Screen printing is priced by the amount of colours in a design. Screen print is also wash durable and low cost for larger quantities.


Actinium Embroidery

This classic technique and the most popular method of applying a logo or design to garments. Properly executed embroidery provides a high-value look to almost any design and on almost any fabric. It’s a durable method that uses an incredible array of thread colours to match the colours in your logo.


Actinium Digital Printing

Printing onto specially treated paper, we can re produce your logo design, promotional design or custom design with stunning effects. Ideal for low volume orders. Our digital transfer produces outstanding, colourful, apparel decoration, with photo-realistic graphics regardless of viewing distance.