Why we do not have pre-shrunk fabric? Well, what is pre-shrunk fabric in the first place?

Pre-shrunk fabric is not washed & dried as the name implies, but put through a machine that pushes the fibres tighter, condensing the fabric thus replicates the shrinking process. But that can be misleading for some people, thinking that pre-shruck implies that the garment will not shrink at all when it’s washed.

That assumption is incorrect. Most every natural fabric will shrink, on average 3% to as high as 20%. However in international buying house standard, a shrinkage of 3 to7% is acceptable and is something most of us would not even notice when it comes to fit. Even pre-shrunk fabric will shrink, on average 3 to 7%.

Our fabric is controlled to assure you that the shrinkage is well within 3-7% even though we don’t label it as pre-shrunk. We paid premium to achieve this, and if you do find our products deviates from this, you can let us know. After we run a controlled test over that products and found that the shrinkage is beyond the range, we can take this back to our fabric supplier and demand for a change too. So we can change that garment for you likewise.